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Soy – Not so safe

Receptive Help - Monday, July 27, 2009

5 reasons why you shouldn’t ingest soy products

1. 100g soy protein = 1 birth control pill

The soy bean contains many ‘phytoestrogens’. These are plant chemicals that have an oestrogenic effect and which cause oestrogen to be released into the body which, in turn, upsets our very finely tuned hormonal system. Phytoestrogens occur in nature to help regulate animal breeding cycles. In synthetic form they are used in farming for the same purpose. The birth control pill is the human synthetic version.

At high doses, or over long periods of time, phytoestrogens become anti-oestrogenic – which is why breast-feeding mothers may have difficulty in producing breast milk if they drank lots of soy milk during their pregnancy, thinking they were doing the right thing.

At very high doses, phytoestrogens are used in chemotherapy to kill cancer cells.

There are many stories of young girls beginning their menstrual cycle, developing pubic hair and breasts from the age of as young 4 years of age, and teenage boys who have grown breasts and whose genitalia remain under-developed.

Soy baby formula also contains these phytoestrogens, where a normal daily dosage could be delivering as much as the equivalent of 5 birth control pills per day.

2. Soy milk contains 100 times more aluminium than untreated cow’s milk and up to 200 times more aluminium than breast milk.

Aluminium is very prevalent in the soil, and most plants are not affected, however the soy plant extracts it from the soil and concentrates it in the beans. These beans are generally held in Aluminium tanks when undergoing the acid wash process.

Beans are ground at high temperatures to extract the oils with some solvents. The ground soy meal is then mixed with alkaline solutions and sugars to remove the fibre. Then the acid wash to precipitate and separate the milk.

Up to 12 chemicals are added after the processes, the majority of which are known to be dangerous.

3. Soy products may be a contributing factor in some cancers.

It has been known for years that a sub-class of phytoestrogens, isoflavones, in soy products can depress thyroid function, causing autoimmune thyroid disease and even cancer of the thyroid. Research has shown that isoflavones in soy act in the same way as the outlawed insecticide DDT which would cause breast cancer cells to multiply.

4. Soy products can actually prevent the absorption of calcium.

Soy contains phytic acid, which apparently impairs the absorption of all minerals, especially calcium. Where we are often told to take soy to help prevent the onset of osteoarthritis, it has been shown that seeing as soy contains more phytic acid than any other grain or pulse, it can actually strip the body of calcium. Enzyme inhibitors in soybeans block trypsin alongside other enzymes necessary for good health, producing serious gastric distress, reduced protein absorption and chronic deficiencies in essential amino acids.

5. Tofu can contribute to dementia

Where it is widespread that Asian women have lower instances of breast cancer than western women, it must be noted that they have a very different diet from westerners containing little junk food and much less alcohol.

It has been shown that tofu ( a soy derivative) consumption has contributed to a swelling of the brain cavities and a decrease in brain weight at autopsy, with indications of brain atrophy and cognitive impairment in later life.

In heavy tofu eaters (generally the poorer communities) there is an abnormally high incidence of cretinism, which has been linked to brain damage caused by the iodine-depleting effect of soy-based goitrogens on the thyroid.

‘Take control of your health and escape the sickness industry’
Elaine Hollingsworth

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